Local Love

Local Love

Amanda Eufer-Lewis
Owner & Lead Stylist, The Den


As the owner of a visually forward staging and design business, I’m constantly on the hunt for new and interesting pieces and ways to keep things fresh. It’s always an exciting quest to seek out talented folks in your own front yard and support the local community in turn. Because February is largely associated with love, I’m sharing a few local creatives that I’m currently loving.

Abbey Ratcliff Fine Art

One of the most important components of a well-styled home is artwork. I’ve recently begun working with Abbey Ratcliff on our listings, when budget allows, to bring in statement artwork. We recently used her piece, titled “Auspice” (pictured) in a beautiful new construction in LoHi. This piece was the perfect “cherry on top” for the living room styling. All of Ratcliff’s pieces are available for purchase with the home, should new buyers express interest. Working with acrylics and various textural elements, Abbey is inspired by the desire to portray emotions that words are unable to fully capture. Her compositions are often layered with accidental expression – trusting the process and ending up with pieces that possess stories as rich and multilayered as the individuals gazing upon it. Abbey’s approachable pricing for original works makes it easy for a young collector to get started or add to their collection. In addition to original works, she offers an assortment of prints on her website abbeyratcliff.design. Or follow along on Instagram @abbey.ratcliff.

GetRight’s Bakery & Plant Nursery

As much as we love faux plants, I’ve found that some of our listings require a bit more life. Houseplants have exploded in popularity during the pandemic so adding live plants to our listings felt like a no-brainer. I needed to find a quality source for my design work; queue GetRight’s Bakery & Plant Nursery a small family-owned and operated business. Owner & Founder Matt Dulin carefully selects plants for our listings and maintains them for the duration of the process. After a lifelong career as a chef and developing an appreciation for farming, gardening, and growing food, Matt realized how seamlessly plants and food intertwined. GetRight’s was launched just last year and has grown into a full-fledged plant and baked goods operation, with weekly deliveries in the Denver Metro area. For ordering details, visit GoodyGetRight.com or follow along on Instagram @GetRights_PlantNursery.

Leftovers by Nathan Lee Beck

One of our in-house stylists recently turned me on to Nathan Lee Beck’s works of art. I’m truly blown away by the creativity and craftsmanship of his one-of-a-kind “Leftovers” lamps. Stemming from his innate desire to be surrounded by joyful yet functional objects, Nathan sources from the abundance of mass-produced items found at thrift stores and beyond. His playful lamp series uses an assortment of bright bowls, napkin rings, and coasters, providing a new life for these often rejected objects. To date, he’s handcrafted 17 one-of-a-kind lamps full of personality and spunk. Nathan’s full collection of lamps and home goods can be found at nathanleebeck.com or @nathan_lee_beck on Instagram.

The Modern Bohemian Table

Fellow stager and event designer, Amanda Bernardi (@huntandgatherrentals) is a modern renaissance woman. She recently wrote a book encompassing all things entertaining, with her signature Bohemian twist. “The Modern Bohemian Table” provides over twenty ways to host a gathering of friends and family in a unique setting. Entertain in style with place setting instructions, invitation design, recipes, signature cocktails, and décor. This book will provide everything you need to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Despite what you may think about hosting elaborate parties, Amanda shows you how to achieve magazine-worthy spreads that are completely budget-friendly. There is no better way to connect with friends and family than around the table with good food and drink. Have this book at the ready for a never-ending resource for all entertaining needs.